Design Rates and Fees for Services

This rates and fees table has been split into sections so you can easily find the rates and fees for the services you need. Please click the header tab to open and view.

Brochures   $75
Letterhead   $50
Envelopes   $35
Business Cards Single Sided $85
  Double Sided $110
Forms   $50
Flyers Single Sided $50
  Double Sided $85


  Prefab $120
  Custom $350+
  Brand Identity Guide (included in logo design) $50


Size Chart
Micro Bar - 88x31 px Plugboard $5
  Single image $10
  One rotation $15
  Multiple rotation $20


Size Chart
Promotional Banner Sizes 1200 x 444 $20
  1200 x 628 $25
  1200 x 675 $30
Facebook Cover Design Click here to view samples here $50


Standard-120x600 px Wide-160x600 px - single image $20
  One rotation $25
  Multiple rotation $30
Extra Large   $50


View Samples here Single Sided $35
Double Sided $50


  Single Sided $35
  Double Sided $50


Full Template w/header design $75
  w/o header design $50


Average Size
728x90 px


  Single Page $130
  Full site basic - static $105 p/p
  Full site advance code / Responsive Request a quote
Maintenance With Contract $40 p/h
  Without Contract $60 p/h


Photo Scanning   $0.95 p/photo
Minor Touch-ups (blemish removal, color adjustment, etc.)   $3.50 p/photo
Advanced Manipulation (background removal, etc.)   $50 p/photo
PDF conversion   $35


Template Design Only Per slide $20 ea.
  Basic 3-set: Title, Sub-title, Text $50
  Full Set: 9-11 backgrounds $150
Content Only Basic no animation (javascript) $35/hr
  Slide transitions included $40/hr
  Interactive design $80/hr
Complete Design & Content   $150 + $5 per slide
* Stock Photo purchased will be billed at cost plus research time to locate on an hourly basis of $35 per hour.


includes resizing per image $20

Please note: The following prices do not include stock photo or illustrated cover image. This will be itemized separately on your invoice.


  Flat Cover Button included w/cover design, or $10
  3D Cover Image included w/cover design, or $12.50
  Image Scanning $0.95 ea
  Indexing $2.25 pr/indexed pg


Cover Design/Label $50
Print*, ** Front & Back Paperback Book $700 +
  Front, Back & Flaps Hard cover $900
  Design & Layout $1.25 p/laid out page
  Image Insertion .95 ea with 10 free
Indexing   2.25 p/indexed page
Booklet Small book under 28 pages $35+ Submit your manuscript for quote
eBooks*, ** Front only e-Book Cover Design $150
PDF, Kindle & ePub* Front & Back e-Book Cover Design $275
  Design & Layout (PDF format only) 1.25 p/pg
  Basic Design & Layout per format (Applies to Kindle & other digital formats)***
<200 pgs $125
201-400 pgs $235
401-650 $350

call for quote


  Image Insertion .95 ea with 10 free
Fixed Layout  

Call for quote


Barcode & ISBN Set $70
Barcode or ISBN Each $35


* There is a $45 base rate and a .01 graduating per item fee after layout has been initiated. The graduating fee is such that the first round of changes it is billed at .01 per item; second round of changes is billed at .02 per item; third round of changes is billed at .03 per item; etc.

** One hour consultation per book is provided at no charge. After that consultation hour will be billed at $35 per hour.

*** Special coding of ebooks required by author will accrue a minimum $65 additionally for ebook layout.


View Sample here Single Sided $120
Double Sided $200